1.First login into Zoom.
2. Then select ‘meetings‘.
3. Schedule a new meeting with date, time, and relevant time zones.

4. ‘Copy’ meeting ID, link, and the passcode.

5. Log in to the LMS admin panel.
6. Go to the Live classroom menu.
7. Click on ‘Add a new live meeting’ button

8.  ‘Paste’ meeting ID, link, and the passcode that you copied from Zoom.
9.  Click on the ‘Add’ button.
10.Click on the ➕ icon on each record in the classroom list.

11. Add participants to the meeting. (course/student wise)

12. Add similar meeting date and time on the LMS system like the meeting created on Zoom.

13 Add a meeting note

14. Click on the ‘Add’ button

15. On the scheduled time, start the meeting in zoom