Step 1: Create System user and set Permissions

1) Create system users (Teacher & Course Coordinators)

2) Give required permission to user

Step 2: Setup a Course

1) Create payment schedules for course

2) Create a Course
3) Add Payment Schedule and set Bill Date
4) Assign Subject to a Course

Step 3: Setup a Subject

1) Create a Subject
2) Assign Chapter to a Subject

Step 4: Setup a Chapter

1) Create a Chapter
2) Assign Topic to a Chapter

Step 5: Setup a Topic

1) Create a Topic
2) Upload a video to a Topic
3) Add Quiz to a Topic to just after save topic
4) Manage Topic (Add Assignment, documents)
5) Add Assignment to a Topic
6) Add Document to a Topic (Course material, guides, references)

Step 6: Create a Video galley

1) Upload a Video

Step 7: Create an Assignment gallery

1) Create an Assignment
2) Upload Assignment document

Step 8: Marking Assignments

1) Mark an Assignment

Step 9: Live Classroom

1) Create a Live Meeting
2) Add Participants
3) Schedule Data and Time

Step 10: Register a Student

1) Register a Student
2) Assign a Course to a Student
3) Assign Payment Installment to a Student

Step 11: Reconcile Students Payments

1) View Students Payment
2) Reconcile Students Payments